eReader launches mobile friendly site; browse, buy in the application


EreadermobileiphoneWe’ve debated the merits and minuses of web sites formatted for specific devices before, but I’m thrilled to see this one. Fictionwise just launched an eReader site formatted specifically for mobile browsers, making it far too easy for me to buy and read books on my handheld. Shoot your browser to and see what I mean.

Up to now, I didn’t have any issues using the standard site when browsing for books, but I will admit that my fingers got tired. I did more pinching than my great-aunt used to do every time my cheeks were within an arms length. Now, it’s more of a one-finger solution to tap, scroll, and buy. You can even use the new site within the free eReader application. Click the "plus" sign in the Bookshelf screen; when prompted where you want to download books from, click the "Another site" button. [If you click the eReader sites button, you’ll just see the books you already own.] Enter in the URL field and you’ll see the mobile site right within your eReader application.

The Fictionwise folks tell me that the new mobile site works with Windows Mobile, Palm and Symbian as well, so if we can get some reader reports from those devices, I know people would appreciate it. Integrating the browse and purchase process within the eReader application is a great move. By removing barriers, the entire mobile and reading experiences get even better.


Dave Zatz

I want to buy and browse directly from the reader itself. Well if I could find a book I wanted to read that is. ;)

Brett Quam

It works great in Pocket IE and Iris on both the Tilt and Blackjack 2. I only wish it would give you a link to download eReader for Windows Mobile over-the-air with a .cab install. I still have my cabs in my Live Mesh folder, but being able to update from the source is always nice.


I love the ereader application on the iphone – it is easily one of my top 5 applications. I’m with you Kevin, I’m a little frightened at the ability to just purchase and download books on the fly. That could be dangerous.

James Kendrick

It looks much better. The WM version’s online shopping is fairly limited in interaction but this looks like a full browsing experience.

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