Did Apple increase the photo resolution for iPhone e-mail?

GminternetstationNormally when I’m out and about, I carry everything I need to be self-sufficient. Right now, I’m sitting at the local GM dealership for an oil-change and inspection on the car but I just found out I won’t need my wireless broadband card nor an extra battery for my device. Here in the waiting area, they now have two Internet Stations! They also have a television blaring "Judge Judy", but that’s why I always carry my headphones with me. ;) I’ve got wired Ethernet and an AC outlet… should I risk trying the coffee here?

Interestingly enough, I took this picture of the workstation with my iPhone and then mailed it to myself. Previously, all of those photos were sent at VGA or 640 x 480 resolution, but this one came down at 800 x 600. Has something changed in the iPhone firmware to send larger photo sizes? I always thought it was a shame that the photos were limited in size when e-mailed; you should have the option to choose the full size if you want.

Update: Hmm… a little playing with the iPhone let me do some testing because I thought perhaps that the resizing was dependent on the photo orientation, i.e.: portrait vs. landscape. Nope. Taking pictures in both and then e-mailing them brings them down in 800 x 600. I’m guessing this larger resizing was added into a 2.x firmware upgrade.


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