Did Apple increase the photo resolution for iPhone e-mail?


GminternetstationNormally when I’m out and about, I carry everything I need to be self-sufficient. Right now, I’m sitting at the local GM dealership for an oil-change and inspection on the car but I just found out I won’t need my wireless broadband card nor an extra battery for my device. Here in the waiting area, they now have two Internet Stations! They also have a television blaring "Judge Judy", but that’s why I always carry my headphones with me. ;) I’ve got wired Ethernet and an AC outlet… should I risk trying the coffee here?

Interestingly enough, I took this picture of the workstation with my iPhone and then mailed it to myself. Previously, all of those photos were sent at VGA or 640 x 480 resolution, but this one came down at 800 x 600. Has something changed in the iPhone firmware to send larger photo sizes? I always thought it was a shame that the photos were limited in size when e-mailed; you should have the option to choose the full size if you want.

Update: Hmm… a little playing with the iPhone let me do some testing because I thought perhaps that the resizing was dependent on the photo orientation, i.e.: portrait vs. landscape. Nope. Taking pictures in both and then e-mailing them brings them down in 800 x 600. I’m guessing this larger resizing was added into a 2.x firmware upgrade.



scotty, i just bought the picoli app but as far as i can tell there’s no way to email from the app at full resolution. oh well, at least it’s useful for adjusting brightness/contrast etc.


My iPhone firmware is still on 2.0.0 level. It’s sending 800*600 pics.


I thought the coffee at GM dealerships was made by recycling the used oil???

You can buy Picoli from the app store and enhance your images and email them at full size directly from the iPhone 3G.


Just checked the first photo I emailed from my iPhone 3G. It is 600 x 800 (vertical), sent on 7/30/08, before the 2.0.1 firmware update.

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