DataViz Documents to Go arrives for Windows Mobile Professional


SheettogoMobile productivity mavens are likely already familiar with DataViz Documents to Go. This application is outstanding for working with Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint files on a handheld. It also includes a file compression utitlity and PDF viewer. The mobile productivity suite has been around for Windows Mobile, BlackBerry and Symbian for quite a while now, but version 3.0 of the Premium Edition just hit for touchscreen Windows Mobile Professional devices. Even better: the company indicates a version is coming right around the corner for higher resolution WinMo Pro devices like the HTC Touch Pro and Touch Diamond.

There’s a 30-day free trial available and it’s $29.95 for a license. If you’re a heavy-duty Office user and on the run, the free trial is a must in my book.


Matt Kunz

Hi James,

I have used Docs To Go in the past on several devices and it has always been much faster and more robust than Office Mobile from Microsoft. I like the OneNote functionality of Office Mobile but use Evernote alot too so it doesn’t impact my decision that much. I just wanted to let your readers know that I have been using the Docs To Go trial for WM Professional on a Treo 800w and it is by far a night and day difference between it and the built in Office program. A word document that takes 55 seconds to open through Office Mobile takes about 6 seconds with Docs To Go. The PDF reader is the best I have seen and the fastest. I will definately be purchasing this product after my trial is up and would recommend that anyone who reads, edits or creates Office Documents should get this software for their Windows Mobile 6.1 device.


I’ve used SoftMaker Office[ ] and TextMaker for years now and I’ve been quite happy with it. However they still don’t have support for Office 2007 files and they have recently increased their price to $100. That’s quite a bit to pay for a WM application. Dataviz is offering Office 2007 file support for less than a third the price.

For 95% of the document viewing and (occasional) editing I do on my WM PDA the builtin apps are fine and those are what I use. Every once in while, however, I have a document they can’t handle properly. OfficeMaker has been very useful for these times.


it does offer more function over the standard WinMo apps, making closer to the desktop version. However, I think you need to be an intense mobile document editor. For simple things, the free one does just fine. I can’t really edit excel documents on my phone. Too painful.


Interesting…but I must be missing something. Is the functionality provided by Docs to Go an improvement over the Office apps built into WM Pro?


Since you noted that “The mobile productivity suite has been around for Windows Mobile, BlackBerry and Symbian for quite a while now…”, I think it is only right to point out that the oldest and most mature version of this suite (it is currently at version 10) is for Palm OS.

In fact, this has been pretty much the standard Office document suite for Palm OS for years. The vast majority of Palm devices, including the current Centro, include it in ROM.

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