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CurdBee Could Be The Billing Service For You

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CurdBeeThere are a multitude of invoicing options available for the web worker, and we have covered our share of them. A new entry that just crossed my desk is the oddly named CurdBee.

I gave CurdBee a quick run through and found that it covers the basics of invoicing and payment reasonably well. I was able to get up and running quickly and found it easy to get test clients and service items entered for my first invoices. It hooks into Paypal Standard and Google Checkout for payment processing and also supports multiple currencies.

Be aware that there are no time tracking features and the overall functionality is sparse compared to more fully featured services like FreshBooks or Cashboard. It is also missing a lot of the nice “usability touches” that a more established product will typically have.

But if your needs are simple and you just need to send out quick invoices to your clients, CurdBee might be a good option for you. Accounts are currently free with no apparent limitations.

Are you using an online service for your billing? Could CurdBee work for you?

9 Responses to “CurdBee Could Be The Billing Service For You”

  1. Looks great for me. I think they are focussing on the individuals (freelancers) and small businesses, with basic needs.

    In terms of usability I do agree with Roger as the interfaces looks very familiar for those who use 37S products and the learning curve is very short.

  2. CurdBee is totally different from Blinksale. The features they offer, their level of usability is far more better than Blinksale.

    For me both Blinksale and CurdBee are highly inspired of 37Signals apps, such as Basecamp. So I think its better for the users as they don’t have to re-learn the structure.