Asus Eee PC 1000H: some pros, some cons


Eeepc1000hI’ve been chatting a bit with good buddy Brad Linder over the past few days; he runs the popular Liliputing site that’s devoted to small netbooks and computers. He took note of my recent MSI Wind order because he opted for the Asus Eee PC 1000H. Spec-wise these two devices are pretty darn similar and some readers here have asked for a head-to-head comparison between the two. Luckily, Brad and I are just a short drive from each other, so we’ll be collaborating in a week or two for just such a "Netbook Deathmatch". ;)

While I wait for the Wind, Brad offers up his list of pros and cons for the 1000H. There’s plenty to like in his list, but a few "gotchas" that are present as well. Have a look-see if you’ve been thinking about Asus’s offering with the 10.2-inch display. Most interesting to me between the two devices is the weight difference even though both have a 6-cell battery: the Wind is nearly a half-pound lighter, but we’ll have to do a formal weigh-in between the two contenders.



I think the MSI wind is going to win the deathmatch…the 1000H has the little tiny shift to the right of the up arrow, I like big right side shift keys like you.


I dropped a 2GB ram stick and a 64GB OCZ SSD into the 1000H (Asus really did it right with this unit as far as making things user-accessible and upgradable), and for less than $900 net have a lovely machine.

I didn’t think so initially, but now that I’ve had the 1000H for a while, I find the multitouch trackpad to be indespensible.

Screen is bright as hell too; I have mine set on 2 notches from the bottom and it’s plenty bright.

5+ hours of usable life with wifi on.

Me like.

Brett Quam

I considered the 1000H and the Wind, but when BestBuy started stocking the Aspire One 120gb units, I just couldn’t justify spending $200 more for either, especially when I was able to pick up a second Aspire One for the wife. Anytime I can get her to use another mobile device is a win in my book. I will be getting the 6-cell for the Aspire One when it is out, but for right now this machine blows my ex-HP tx2510 away in terms of usability and portability. I may just be biased against Vista though.


PS. I just got the Asus 1000h yesterday, and I couldn’t get it back from my wife! It is definitely a cool little computer and it definitely feels faster than my corp. laptop.


Amazon finally hit the $329 price point on the Acer Aspire One 8GB, about 48 hours too late for me to get my $50 back…

They got some of the 120GB’s in stock yesterday but are sold out again today.

I’m seriously thinking about grabbing the 160GB with 6 cell battery and tossing one of the 2.5″ SATA 6 SDHC card SSD adaptors into it when Amazon gets it in. I’ve been pretty impressed with the 8GB but it doesn’t have the connector for the SATA drive.

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