ADrive: a whopping 50 GB of free, online storage

AdriveIn terms of storing data in the cloud, ADrive looks like a gigantic Cumulus. The free, Basic service level offers a whopping 50 GB of storage and plenty of features that make it worth the price look. Functionality includes file storage, sharing, file history, integration with the Zoho Suite and a backup client application. Some won’t care for the backup client since it’s Java-based, but I see that as useful for cross-platform computing. For $25 a pop, you can recover prior files as well; that price is good for unlimited data recovery over a $24 hour period. Advanced features like SSL encryption, WebDAV support and more are in the Signature package at a reasonable $6.95 per month.

Of course, at the free level you’ll have to tolerate 3rd party advertisements, but that’s nothing new in today’s "give it me for free" web world. There is a file size limitation of 2 GB, but otherwise ADrive looks fairly flexible and useful for storing and working with data in the cloud. Could be just the thing for netbooks and other computers with limited, local storage. Two quick notes: for some reason over the last few days the company’s site has been very slow to load. I’m hoping it’s because the service is popular and isn’t indicative of the service levels they offer. Secondly, by using the service, you’re allowing the ADrive folks to use and share metadata from your files with advertising partners. In a sense, we’re basically doing that with the Google already; in return for free services, we offer up slivers of data and get contextual ads. Could be a deal-breaker for some.

Update: I see that ADrive does offer a downloadable backup client for PCs, so if you don’t like the Java interface, you’ve got an option on the Windows side.


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