OleOle Acquires Aston Villa Fan Blog, More To Come

OleOle, the social football site where the users author most of the content, has acquired AVFC Blog, the leading Aston Villa journal with 200,000 monthly visits – said to be twice as many as Villa’s own official site. Like ArseBlog, The Lord of the Wing (Celtic), Chelseablog, Harry Hotspur, Fans del Real Madrid, Real Madrid Talk and Boca Juniors Fans before it, the AVFC Blog deal is not so much an acquisition as an inducement for the author to join the site. AVFC blogger Damian wrote: “Basically they sort of offered me a job.The guys at OleOle are actually going to pay me to keep the blog running.” That puts the likes of Damian above the rest of OleOle’s community, though the bulk of the site’s content is produced by its users. OleOle, which, bizarrely, is based in Beverley Hills, is still on the lookout for similar tie-ups.


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