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Bharti Eying Digital Cinema Business

Bharti Aritel is looking at a four-screen strategy with digital cinema being the fourth, states Manoj Kohli, Joint Managing Director and CEO of Bharti Airtel in this report. They already hold stakes in three screens, (mobile, TV (via IPTV and DTH) and content accessed via the PC over broadband). While Airtel is currently evaluating various media models, digital cinema is a good tie-in with expertise gained through their DTH offerings. Although, the bandwidth required to deliver a 70mm film, let alone a Hi-Def beam over a DTH backbone would be much larger and require a different infrastructure, right from headend-in-the-sky to last mile delivery in case they plan to go via satellite. Others in the space include Pyramid Saimira and UFO Moviez, whose recent acquisition of Moviebeam, we had covered in depth here.

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