UBCD: the “ultimate” recovery CD

UltimatebootcdAs a mobile device user, I always dread the potential situation of having current computer completely crap out while I’m out and about. It’s actually a scenario that I’m not very well equipped for as I tend to reclaim recovery partitions for needed space as a rule. I had a USB drive with some partition tools and other utilities, but that got lost in the shuffle somewhere, so as of now, I’d be up the creek.

The How-To Geek offers a great overview of one solution to this problem by using UBCD for Windows, which stands for the Ultimate Boot CD for Windows. With this free tool based on Bart PE and many other useful utilities, you can get yourself out of a potential jam for an XP device. Apparently, some of the tools work with Vista as well, so I’ll be grabbing a copy to have a closer inspection. The approach utilizes a CD for boot-up, but I don’t often carry my optical drive with me, so I’ll be digging around in the near future for some additional new solutions using either SD cards or USB drives.

Got a good solution to recommend? Are you carrying it around with you all the time?


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