StudioNow Adds $2M More in Funding


StudioNow, a marketplace for freelance video production, has raised $2 million more in Series A funding, adding new investor Clayton Associates to its now $4.1 million first round led by Claritas Capital. In addition to its VCs, the company now has music industry vets Charles Goldstock (former president of BMG Music’s RCA Division) and Mark Montgomery (co-founder and CEO of Echomusic).

StudioNow is perhaps most interesting to me for being an online video company that’s based in Nashville, Tenn., but its marketplace for low-cost work on music videos, vacation videos, ads and webisodes by a network of editors, videographers, directors, producers, animators and voice-over artists is a timely idea. See some examples here. StudioNow recently signed a local video and display ad deal with Clear Channel.

Competitors include Zadby, Jivox, XLNTAds, and Spot Runner.



I don’t get it…. it’s a place where freelance video editors can find and post work? Or its like an online hub for collaborative efforts?


Its a network of video professionals that studionow uses to make web videos for large companies like yellowbook.

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