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Sneak Peek: The WB Launches Tomorrow will relaunch Wednesday as an online video destination in an attempt to revive the brand (and sell a few ads). We got a sneak-peek at the new site and put it through some paces. Our initial reaction? Though the content is good, the confusing interface makes one think that the WB actually stands for Why Bother? Full Review on NewTeeVee.

One Response to “Sneak Peek: The WB Launches Tomorrow”

  1. Simon.Rain

    I’m from Canada and this is the message I got.

    “It looks like you’re trying to visit from outside the United States. Unfortunately, due to complicated domestic and international entertainment law, our website is restricted to viewers within the US. But please write to your local government representative if you want to fight this injustice, so hopefully one day, fans like you from all over the world can enjoy”

    It’s a rather original tone for a message compared to the usual “this service is not available to any resident outside of the US.”

    I also like that they are giving us a possible solution to the problem which is even better.