Smartphone and Pocket PC Magazine throws in the towel- to cover iPhone

Current_issueIt is with deep regret I read the news this morning that Smartphone & Pocket PC Magazine will publish its final issue in November.  This magazine has covered the Windows Mobile world for 11 years and I was a frequent contributor in the early days.  Publisher Hal Goldstein is a good friend who had this to say:

it is with great regret I make this announcement. We made thedecision because of the difficulty of reaching new Windows Mobilesmartphone customers, and the lack of advertising sponsorship fromMicrosoft, phone companies, and OEMs. We are a very small, self-fundedmagazine publishing company, and we did not make this decision lightly. Our focus in 2009 will be on the four scheduled iPhone Life issues. That wouldleave us time to produce a Windows Mobile issue, a Google Androidissue, a RIM Blackberry edition, or a generic Smartphone issuedepending on where the biggest need and opportunity lies.

That is a short statement that speaks volumes.  It is sad indeed that Thaddeus must jump to iPhone coverage to make a business go of it.  You will be missed my friends.


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