Orb to support remote media streaming to Moblin MIDs


OrbonphoneLong time readers will no doubt be familiar with Orb, the free software that streams audio and video over the web from a home Windows PC. You can be halfway ’round the world, but if you’ve got Orb running at home and a supported browser at your current location, you can remotely enjoy your television, DVR, music collection or even check the home webcam. My cats hate that feature… I always catch them napping at my desk.

While there’s no official Orb client for the iPhone yet, aside from one that requires you to jailbreak your phone, the Orb folks are getting ready to support Mobile Internet Devices running Moblin on the Intel Atom Z5xx CPU.

Orb optimizes the data bandwidth so you’ll be able to get at your home media content over WiFi, 3G and even EDGE. I wouldn’t recommend EDGE for video viewing, but it worked reasonably well for music when I used it to stream music from a PC to a first-generation iPhone. With limited storage capacity and a solid connectivity option, I could easily see myself using this solution with a MID… looking forward to the implementation!

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