MSI Wind with 6-cell battery on the way

MsiwindMy return of the Acer Aspire One this past weekend was a little half-hearted. I was torn because I really liked the hardware overall. So last night I checked in with Douglas Krone of Dynamism to see if they had the MSI Wind in stock with the 6-cell battery. A check on the site indicated that these units usually ship in 3 to 4 days, but I wanted to confirm since that configuration is a hot little commodity right now.

Douglas was over in Tokyo, no doubt checking out other great gadgets to potentially import, but he told me that Dynamism has been shipping the black MSI Wind with 6-cell for over three weeks and that they would have the white and pink models this week. That’s good enough for me, so I just pulled the trigger on a white model; hopefully it arrives by end of week, but if not, I expect I’ll see it just after the weekend.

Although MSI was originally shooting for a $499 price tag on the 6-cell model, we’ve already seen the prices hiked up in the $549 to $599 range. In fact, my price was at the top of that range from Dynamism: $599. For a while I thought perhaps to wait and see if anyone else gets stock of this netbook configuration at a lower price, but with the demand for the unit, I don’t think that’s going to happen any time soon if at all.

Anyway, the 6-cell battery offers 5200 mAh which actually is a little more than double the 3-cell at 2200 mAh. I’m hoping to see at least five hours of real-world run-time from the unit, but we’ll see. It’s quite a bit more expensive than the Acer Aspire One, but does offer a few advantages for me: a slightly larger screen, integrated Bluetooth (handy for a mouse) and an easier way to get at the RAM slot for upgrades. I’ll curious to see if the build quality is drastically different.