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MacFarlane’s Cavalcade Launches Sept. 10

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Seth MacFarlane’s advertorial series, Cavalcade of Cartoon Comedy, is gearing up for its launch on Sept. 10. A trailer was just posted on the new site That site promises cast interviews and a MacFarlane blog as well, also starting Sept. 10. And we’re told that exclusive content will be posted on show sponsor Burger King’s forthcoming YouTube channel,

What we know about Cavalcade is it’s a multimillion-dollar-budgeted cartoon series with a deal to be distributed through Google AdSense to sites that are demographically aligned. The variety show will consist of 50 two-minute episodes, and promises to be less censored than MacFarlane’s hilarious Family Guy, which is made for broadcast TV. The Cavalcade release schedule isn’t entirely clear, but according to, there will be “new Cavalcade shorts every week.” It also appears that the videos will be archived on [digg=]

Update: The Burger King channel is now live, and we’re told it will have one new short every week for ten weeks beginning Sept 10. The videos will also be available at And there’s also going to be some kind of fan sweepstakes via the YouTube channel to treat MacFarlane to dinner at a Burger King in Los Angeles.

The trailer is set to autoplay, so please click through the jump. Interesting for those of us who care about the tech side of this, the player is being powered by KIT digital (formerly Roo).

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