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I Want My Three Minutes Back Goes Behind the Vlogging Scene

Most documentarians tackling a somewhat obscure subculture have little guarantee that their subjects will be comfortable on camera. But by choosing to capture the lives of prominent YouTube vloggers, Chuck Potter of 3rd Career Films was spared that difficulty.

I Want My Three Minutes Back is a fantastic title for Potter’s documentary about video creators, which stars Nick “Nickynic” James, Cory “Mr. Safety” Williams and Kevin “Nalts” Nalty, and also features, among others, Phillip “sxePhil” DeFranco, Michael Buckley (What The Buck), Christine Gambito (Happy Slip), Tay Zonday, Paul Robenett (“Renetto”), and Judson Laipply (The Evolution Of Dance).

Click to see the trailer for I Want My Three Minutes Back
Click to see the trailer for I Want My Three Minutes Back

The film is currently in post-production, and according to Nalty will be released this fall. The trailer, posted last Friday, doesn’t reveal much about its point of view, beyond taking the chance to explore the intimate details of these lives. And it’s hard to imagine what Potter will be able to reveal about these guys that they haven’t already divulged to their subscribers.

However, it’s quite the lineup (lacking only Chris Crocker to achieve ultimate completeness) — the question is how many people who aren’t on YouTube actually care about the people on YouTube? Will mainstream audiences tune in? Or is this another niche documentary that never escapes its niche?

5 Responses to “I Want My Three Minutes Back Goes Behind the Vlogging Scene”

  1. I think you make a good point that there’s a small portion of YouTubers that visit regularly and even know who the most-subscribed are. I’ve only been recognized in public once at LAX. That said, the story is really richer than YT and popular creators. It’s the journey of the amateur’s struggle even in an age where “instant fame” is possible for us all.

  2. I agree. He did a short on Tay Znday a while back and it was very in depth and behind the scenes. People want to know and it humanizes people we look up to. I never knew how to make a video until YouTube. Kids are also are writing, directing, acting, and editing. It’s incredible. Now every chance I get I’m promoting YouTube. Non YouTubers are missing out. YouTube is full of technical knowledge, “how to” and up to date commentary on world events as well as entertainment. Even my six year old knows the words Google, Wikipedia, and YouTube. Chuck will bring this world to the masses who limits themselves to e-mail.

  3. Chuck has an interesting approach- he’s more interested in the “behind the scenes” motives and goals, and the evolving storyline on where people want to take it. And rather than go wide, he’s going deep with about 4 video creators so we will get to know them over a 2-year span. I’ve never seen his work, but each time we talk you can hear his thesis evolving and I’m jazzed about a potential sept/oct sneak preview. I keep telling him he should do a big showing for youtubers but he’s all about sundance or whatever those things are called. :)