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Technorati Buys Online Blog Network Blogcritics

Technorati, the still-trying-to-redefine-itself blog search and now blog ad network, has bought out Blogcritics, one of the oldest online blog magazines and blog networks. The site publishes contributions from bloggers on everything from music reviews to articles on politics and was part of the Technorati ad network since June.

The rationale? Says Technorati CEO Richard Jalichandra in his blog post: “Blogcritics brings us closer to an open community of bloggers and the audience that follows them. It also gives us a lot more advertising inventory. What

2 Responses to “Technorati Buys Online Blog Network Blogcritics”

  1. Robert Andrews

    Technorati works about 1 time in 10 for me nowadays. Maybe they should fix the model they used to have (blog search) before moving in to new areas.

  2. Jamie Poitra

    Not only is it trying to redefine itself but I'm not sure it even knows what it wants to define itself as.

    I remember when there was tons of buzz around them but their site was so completely non functional that I couldn't figure out what their service was even supposed to do.