Publicis’ Tobaccowala: Mass Media Is Far From Dead (But It’s Not Growing Either)


Despite the rise of video-on-demand and targeted advertising, mass media is still a viable form and will likely remain so. But within mass media, only TV will continue to stand tall as radio and newspapers decline, says Rishad Tobaccowala, chief innovation officer at Publicis Groupe Media and CEO of Denuo, its new media consultancy. In a long interview with TVNewsday, Tobaccowala contends that broadcast’s strength lies in its potential to capitalize on the rise of digital. Still, he is quick to add that he’s talking about mere survivability for the most part. Tobaccowala: “Traditional mass media is not a growth business, and so to continue to resonate and be relevant, broadcast stations need to basically embrace digital media, including the Web. You’ll actually continue to have a healthy, viable broadcast business, but you have to accept it’s not growing, and it’s becoming less and less relevant to particular target audiences.”

More than surviving: Broadcasters have to find ways of building up their online presences. In the past year, a number of broadcasters have tried to expand beyond the 30-minute news at 11 by crafting a more individual online brand. One prime example is NBC Universal (NYSE: GE), which formed a <a href="a 24-hour news network focusing on


John Collier

The comment that Google is more expensive than TV, followed by the statement "but the difference is there’s some sort of action", completely negates the original statement. Everyone would be willing to pay a lot more to have a visitor click to their website than to hope someone watched their TV ad.

Stephen Klein

What is he talking about when he says "spot cable basically sort of sits in between the worst of the programming"? Local cable avails are scattered throughout ALL cable programming, the best and the worst. And these days some of the best (e.g. Mad Men, US Open Tennis, ESPN Live sports…I could go on endlessly) programming on the tube can be found on cable.

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