Legal Roundup: Wolfgang’s Vault Settlement; Immersion-Microsoft Settlement; Google, Verizon Sued

Lotsa digital media-related legal news coming out today:

Wolfgang’s Vault settlement: This was a much anticipated one: Doors and Carlos Santana have reached a tentative settlement with Wolfgang’s Vault, the controversial site which sells memorabilia and streams concert footage online. The site was sued two years ago…Sony (NYSE: SNE) BMG Music Entertainment, BMG Music, Arista Records, Santana and the Doors have tentatively settled with the Bill Graham Archive and its CEO William Sagan. The settlement doesn’t include other plaintiffs in the case, such as Grateful Dead Productions, and Led Zeppelin rockers Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones and Robert Plant, reports LAT. In June, Wolfgang’s Vault reached a pact with Universal Music Group that allowed for the site to offer downloadable concerts by UMG artists such as Jimi Hendrix, reports Billboard.

Microsoft-Immersion: Immersion will pay $20.8 million to Microsoft (NSDQ: MSFT) to settle a lawsuit over touch feedback technology used in video games. The lawsuit started against Microsoft over the “rumble” feature of its Xbox game console controllers, alleging that the Xbox controller infringed on a patent for force feedback, Immersion’s specialty…Immersion also sued Sony over PlayStation, and got a big payout of $22.5 million over three years, plus more than $100 million in costs, royalties and patent license fees. It gets complicated from here, but Immersion was supposed to pay some out of that Sony settlement to MSFT, which it didn’t and then was disputed…this latest settlement comes out of that dispute. More here.

Visual voicemail lawsuit: If there is a lock on visual voicemail, Judah Klausner holds the key. The inventor has protected a series of patents he holds with tenacity and a track record to back it up. This time he