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Apple To Formally Launch iTunes In India

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Apple (NSDQ: AAPL) is close to formally launching its iTunes store in India states this BS report. A truncated version of the India store, featuring only iPhone apps has been live for a while. The main meat, which includes music, movies, podcasts and TV shows are conspicuous by their absence. While Apple is being tight lipped on the subject, it won’t be too hard to get content. A quick search for T-series, Eros and Sa Re Ga Ma content indicates all recent Bollywood album titles are already there on the US store. However, pricing will be key considering the Rs 40 per song ($0.99) won’t hold in the land of the warez where you can buy an entire album for roughly the same price on CD (and sometimes the movie). Won’t be smooth sailing though considering Apple’s long-running battle with the record industry has seen it dictate terms on pricing. Speaking of which, while the soundtracks are available, related Bollywood movies are absent and so are TV shows. Though I doubt anyone would purchase an entire season, let alone an episode, of current TV series champion Kyunkii online (and Star knows that), it would be interesting to see what content mix and pricing Apple introduces. As an aside, the report also states Airtel and Vodafone (NYSE: VOD) have received around 400,000 applications for the 3G iPhone. Can’t help but smile at the grossly over-priced piece being waved on TV. Custom duties and insane pricing can sometimes get the better of buyers remorse.

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2 Responses to “Apple To Formally Launch iTunes In India”

  1. yeah its not going to be easy for Apple, people are just not used to shelling out a significant price for bollywood music etc in India. problem is they most likely would not be able to price it below $1 otherwise it will be an arbitrage between their US and India stores, and at $1 they can kiss their business model goodbye in india..