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Software Updates & New Release Highlights For Week Ending 2008-08-23

Yet again, an Apple update steals the show with the release of iPhone OS 2.0.2. Strangely enough, you may have been a recipient of the following text message (ostensibly from Apple) even if you upgraded:

For a release that just “fixed bugs,” I find it difficut to believe that the motivation behind the SMS (if it was from Apple) is not more related to a security issue than Apple’s desire to ensure iPhone users are well-informed.

Apple also released a MacBook Air update (full disclosure: this one I did not install as I do not own an Air) which fixes issues with video playback and processor core idling. Apple makes note that third-party software that modifies processor operating characteristics such as frequency and voltage is not supported and should be removed before installing this update.

However, Apple is not the only one gettin’ busy with the late-summer updates:

  • Adium 1.3 – So, while this technically was released on Monday, August 25th, I could not let this slip away for a whole week. The Adium team did a phenomenal job in the betas and 1.3 sports Facebook chat support, enhanced MSN support (including personal messages), a much improved “contacts” interface with excellent Address Book support and significantly enhanced searching. A definite must-install.
  • NewsLife – 1.2.1 – I gave NewsLife (yet another RSS reader) a try this week, since I’m a sucker for shiny, new toys. It did not import the OPML groups from NetNewsWire, but does support grouping of feeds. Mouse tracking in the article list window kept working even with the Preferences dialog having focus (bug? feature?). It’s a clean, simple app that is charging ~$15.00USD for something you can get for free in many other ways, but it may have a visual & functional style that appeals to you. Requires OS X 10.4 or 10.5, PPC/Intel
  • NetNewsWire – 3.1.7b4 – Speaking of RSS readers, NNW fixed an issue with a startup crash and some proxy compatibility problems and tweaked some UI color indicators for clippings and unread items counts. One of the more interesting updates, though, is the inclusion of an AppleScript command to evaluate the JavaScript for the current page. Most users will probably not find that useful, but it was a feature asked for and provided by NNW users. Gotta love the community! NNW is free and requires OS X 10.4 or 10.5; PPC/Intel
  • AppleScript, Interface Builder & Xcode Project Spotlight Importers – Whether you like or loathe Apple’s built-in filesystem search interface, you have to give a nod to the Google Toolbox folks for helping out budding Mac developers by creating some handy importers. The AppleScript Importer imports source and description from AppleScript .scpt and .scptd files, the Interface Builder Importer imports custom class names, bindings, outlets, actions and localizable strings from .xib and .nib files and the Xcode Project Importer imports file names and project comments from .xcodeproj files. (I’d appreciate comments from Apple developers who have real projects and sources they can toss at these as my tests worked, but I hardly have an extensive personal library). Free, but check the web page for compatibility.
  • Transmission – 1.33 – This most excellent torrent client for the Mac (and other platforms) fixes a security issue as well as some other bugs. You probably missed this if you are an infrequent user, but as school season is upon us, you may want to ensure you keep this app as up-to-date as possible. Not that I’m suggesting you kids are sharing files as opposed to attending classes. It’s all for Linux distributions. Gotta get those Linux distributions… Transmission is free (open source, actually), OS X 10.4/10.5 & Universal.

Let me & other TAB readers know what you’ve been checkin’ out by posting a note in the comments!

One Response to “Software Updates & New Release Highlights For Week Ending 2008-08-23”

  1. Alan Olsen

    I have to say I was shocked to get this very same message even after I upgraded.
    Also I have two iPhones and only the new 3G iPhone received this message the first generation did not.