Manage your heart rate with the Asus Vit W1 laser mouse


AsuspulsemouseSince I lived in a hospital for a few days last week, I’ve been trying to better monitor my health. Mornings have included a quick check of my blood pressure and pulse using a wrist monitor, but with the Asus Vit W1 laser mouse, I could skip the pulse check.

The 1200 dpi rodent includes a USB adapter for wireless use, five buttons and of course, the aforementioned integrated pulse monitor. Included software shows your heart rate and a happy face when your heart isn’t stressed out. I’m not so sure what the lungs indicate in the monitoring program; maybe a future version will include a mechanism for you to breathe through for a VO2 Max test? Oh… don’t panic over the software title of "ASUS HeartTouching". It actually doesn’t touch your heart… if it did, I wouldn’t want to see that power button in the bottom left. ;)


(via Everything USB)



The lungs probably represent a future ability to check your blood O2 saturation which is something else that can be done via an IR sensor through the skin in your fingers.

A wrist based blood pressure monitor is fine for watching trends towards something bad happening. You can also get wrist units that come with computer software that downloads the raw data from the unit and crunches it to detect irregular heart beats and other issues the tiny CPU in the monitor can’t detect.

I personally use an Omron HEM-670IT at work. On bad days I’m checking every hour.

David Zeller

First, the power button in on the left.

Second, I want to know the difference between turning the heart off with the power button and using the exit door on the right. They would seem to do the same thing, though perhaps the exit door makes the final result come faster?

Hope all is well with the family. Take care,


Upper arm monitors are generally supposed to be more accurate than wrist-based BP monitors.

Seems like an interesting gadget though..

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