Manage your heart rate with the Asus Vit W1 laser mouse

AsuspulsemouseSince I lived in a hospital for a few days last week, I’ve been trying to better monitor my health. Mornings have included a quick check of my blood pressure and pulse using a wrist monitor, but with the Asus Vit W1 laser mouse, I could skip the pulse check.

The 1200 dpi rodent includes a USB adapter for wireless use, five buttons and of course, the aforementioned integrated pulse monitor. Included software shows your heart rate and a happy face when your heart isn’t stressed out. I’m not so sure what the lungs indicate in the monitoring program; maybe a future version will include a mechanism for you to breathe through for a VO2 Max test? Oh… don’t panic over the software title of "ASUS HeartTouching". It actually doesn’t touch your heart… if it did, I wouldn’t want to see that power button in the bottom left. ;)


(via Everything USB)


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