Jott Leaves Free Beta

ScreenshotWe’re all so used to completely free and beta Web 2.0 services that it’s a bit of a shock when one grows up and actually releases a paid version. The latest on this front is Jott, the voice-driven service that interfaces with email, Outlook, Twitter, Remember the Milk, I Want Sandy, and many more. We liked Jott as a free service; the question is whether enough people like it enough to pay for continued service. There’s still a free service level, but it’s now ad-supported, limits your recording to 15 seconds, and does not include connectivity with any of the productivity services or note integration with your email.

For paying users, you can choose between a $3.95 per month plan that gets you back all the services and adds Outlook integration, or $12.95 per month for one that also brings in Blackberry connectivity and a 30-second recording time. If you’re a current Jott user, you have until September 8 to decide whether you’re ready to pay, forgo the premium services, or look at less-functional (but free) alternatives like Dial2Do.