Jott Leaves Free Beta


ScreenshotWe’re all so used to completely free and beta Web 2.0 services that it’s a bit of a shock when one grows up and actually releases a paid version. The latest on this front is Jott, the voice-driven service that interfaces with email, Outlook, Twitter, Remember the Milk, I Want Sandy, and many more. We liked Jott as a free service; the question is whether enough people like it enough to pay for continued service. There’s still a free service level, but it’s now ad-supported, limits your recording to 15 seconds, and does not include connectivity with any of the productivity services or note integration with your email.

For paying users, you can choose between a $3.95 per month plan that gets you back all the services and adds Outlook integration, or $12.95 per month for one that also brings in Blackberry connectivity and a 30-second recording time. If you’re a current Jott user, you have until September 8 to decide whether you’re ready to pay, forgo the premium services, or look at less-functional (but free) alternatives like Dial2Do.



Free Jott is now worthless. Fifteen seconds is not enough. I’m using reQall and will try Dial2Do also.

Like Josh I am using email, from my cell phone. It is more accurate and I can send myself reminders and notes in class without disturbing anyone.

I miss the beta Jott.

What will happen to us all when Gmail and Grandcentral come out of beta?

Jake McKee

Good for them for actually putting a business model in place after many people (in theory) are hooked.

I had largely stopped using jott (looking up their phone number while driving was just as dangerous and difficult as sketching a quick note on a notepad), but when the iPhone app came out I was back into daily use. Then after seeing their new desktop client, I’m more than happy to pay the fees.


I guess that’s the risk with beta software.

But we have to understand they have to make money somehow.

Aliza Sherman

Oh no! I literally just downloaded Jott last night to my iPod Touch and was going to figure out how to use it today. Definitely not worth paying for it when there are other options out there for free.

I’m going to check out Dial2Do right now.


Dial2Do does everything I used Jott for…and so far the transcriptions have been better too. I’ve moved over completely and have no regrets. I didn’t use Jott often enough to warrant the paid offerings and the free version is essentially useless without the email to contact feature.

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