Internet-Enabled Autos and the Web Worker


As reported by the New York Times, it looks like Chrysler is gearing up to offer you cars with the internet built right in. The technology was actually announced in late June, and will hook up cellular web access to a rolling WiFi hotspot. The Times is not keen on this idea, citing studies that show more distractions lead to more accidents.

Personally, I think web workers are probably smart enough to not be driving with a laptop in their lap (though, after watching some Blackberry and iPhone users, I may be too optimistic there). More to the point, those of us who need traveling connectivity already have it, via EVDO modems and the like. The Chrysler UConnect system may some day make connectivity from taxicabs and limousines simpler, but for now, it looks like just another status-generating toy.

Would you pay an extra $450 for an internet-enabled car?


Joel Strellner

I think they need to work on automatically driving cars before they release stuff like this. I am all for it, and knowing me I would probably pay the $450 for it.

By making cars that automatically drive themselves, then we can be free to browse the internet, watch movies, etc.

IMO that should be the #1 focus for technology from car makers.

Cubicle Generation

You can just get a Sprint AIR Card, and a Feeney router, and a cigarette lighter -> AC/DC adapater to rig up an internet enabled local area network in your car for cheaper than $450. :)


more distractions lead to more accidents.

More distractions for the driver lead to more accidents. I know that a lot of people do a lot of stupid things while driving, but does that mean we should eliminate useful or enjoyable passenger features?

I don’t know that I’d pay $450, but I’d love to have WiFi in my car on road trips so that my passengers could stay connected (and leave me the hell alone while I drive :-P).

I’d never use it while actively driving; just like I always use hands-free for my phone, and always tell the person on the other end that I’m on the road, and so may need to ask them to repeat things (when something is going on that needs extra attention, I tune out the conversation until that something is dealt with).


“web workers are probably smart enough to not be driving with a laptop in their lap” … true … but what about the morons who will have more money than brains?

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