HP 2710p service manual here


Not many folks will need this but those who do will likely really need it.  Reader Dave Beauvais stumbled on the complete service and maintenance manual (PDF) for the HP 2710p.  It’s 134 pages big so be prepared but it looks like it contains everything you need to know (and many things you don’t) about taking your precious apart and making mods or repairs.  Use it at your own risk.



Lifesaver! I bought one on ebay and it came with a busted casing so I need this to find out how to replace it. Thanks a lot


HP has those manuals for many of their machines. I’ve got the same for my big old zd7000. It sure helps when you know you’ve got a blown speaker and have the spare parts at hand or need to reapply thermal goop to your processor. If anything, it’ll let you take your machine apart without breaking it and reassemble it all step by step.

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