Coffee break- using my “real machine”


Coffee_man_2I just had a very funny thing happen in my old Starbucks stomping grounds.  I’m in the one close to my old house that I don’t get into much anymore due to location.  I had some running around to do out by the old house so I stopped by the old SBUX.  I happened to bring the MacBook Pro with me today, something I don’t do often but I just grabbed it on the way out the door.  So I’m sitting in SBUX typing away when one of the long-time regulars comes in.  I haven’t seen this guy in a couple of months although we used to see each other quite frequently in the past. 

He comes walking over to me at the big table (I need it with the big MBP) with a questioning look on his face.  He looks at the screen and wiggles it and says "Mac?".  That’s when I realize this is the first time out of many, many sessions in the BUX that he’s seen me use the Mac.  Like I said I rarely bring it and he’s never seen me use it and obviously didn’t even know I owned one.  To understand how confused he is this guy has probably seen me bring a few dozen different Windows notebooks, UMPCs and Tablet PCs in here. 

I laughed when he asked his question and replied that I had owned this well over a year.  He looks at me and gets a funny grin on his face and asks "your REAL machine?"  He cracked me up that’s for sure.

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