Behind the Scenes at Outside Lands


The Outside Lands music fest took over San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park this past weekend. Given the hassles with the crowds (and not enough exits), I think I’ll pass on it next year and just enjoy it online, especially now that I know how it works.

IStreamPlanet, which produced the online video streaming of the concert, invited me to the show to take a behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to coordinate the streaming of a massively multi-stage concert like that. I brought my video camera along and company President and CEO Mio Babic talked to me about all the technical steps required to get the concert to you at home, how many concurrent users they can handle, and he also gave me a tour of the control room that assembled and digitized the content on-site (the audio gets a little quiet because we had to talk softly in the truck).



Are you seriously complaining about crowds at a concert? Smoke another one bro.

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