AIM for Windows Mobile 5, 6 is “Available”

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Regardless of your thoughts on AOL (the company still conjures up many a night of dial-up Internet service for me), it’s hard to argue about AIM; by and large it’s still the de-facto Instant Messaging network for many. Google Talk is fast becoming a fave of mine, especially with how well it works on the iPhone. Of course, the problem there is that you have to leave the web service up and running all the time since the iPhone doesn’t allow apps to run in the background.

Windows Mobile has no such limitation so it’s worth mentioning that AOL Mobile is offering AIM for WinMo 5 and 6 devices for use in the U.S. Hop your handset over to for an over-the-air download or grab the .CAB right here. Gee, all I need now is a TRS-80 emulator for my iPhone, a copy of Leisure Suit Larry and a few hours of free time and it’s back to the eighties…

(via Business Hacks)

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AOL launched in 1991, so I don’t know that this should make you feel nostalgic for the 80s… :)

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