A Tuneup for Your Windows PC–Free


If you work in Windows, you’re probably well aware of how it litters files around a hard disk, is often flaky in uninstalling applications, and just generally slows a PC down over time. I’m always experimenting with utilities that counteract this, and I’ve written before about one of my favorite free applicaitions: Glary Utilities. Now, I’ve found another good, free collection of utilities called Advanced WIndows Care Personal.

Like Glary Utilities, Advanced Windows Care Personal presents you with a whole suite of free system cleanup and protection tools, with some of them seen above. You can choose to remove spyware, tune up your Windows registry, sweep away junk files and more.

Advanced Windows Care Personal does an even better job than Glary Utilities of grabbing you by the lapels and getting you to back up your Windows configuration before you run the utilities. This is especially important if you choose to clean your Windows registry, because you run the risk of jettisoning important files. With a backup, you can easily go back to where you started.

I’m actually perfectly happy with the registry cleaner in Glary Utilities, though. What shines in Advanced Windows Care Personal is the module called Junk Files Clean, which gets rid of the many files that Windows litters around a disk and recovers disk space. This utility makes the whole application worthwhile.

If you’re finding yourself staring at Windows for minutes on end upon startup, you’ll also like Advanced Windows Care Personal’s Startup Manager module, which is clean and lets you clearly see what you are launching whenever you boot up (probably more than you think you’re launching). My determination after using Glary and Advanced Windows Care Personal is that I’ll use them both, and they’re both free.



I’ve had Glary for a while, and I’ve been happy with it. After reading your post I downloaded Advanced Windows Care, and like you, I’m amazed at how much it found and also the improvement to my system.

That leads me to one (possibly rhetoric question: What do I do with my copies of SpyBot, PC Tools Spyware Doctor, and HiJackThis?

Thanks for the tip.

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