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Weekend Vid Picks: Britney Spears Sans Guide Track

Britney Spears is always an easy target for mockery, especially during slow news months. Which is probably why this clip of Britney’s undubbed vocals from her Vegas special started zooming around today (thanks, Chris):

Then again, Brit-Brit can’t be the only pop star to occasionally fake it. Isn’t that right, Enrique Inglesias?

Or, for old time’s sake, Ashlee Simpson?

What all these clips have in common, of course, is the lack of a guide track, which has gone from the concert industry’s dirty little secret to a commonly accepted part of any “live” performance. This is the nature of the beast at this point. But it’s nice that we have video finds like these, as a reminder that trusting your ears is a rare thing indeed.

5 Responses to “Weekend Vid Picks: Britney Spears Sans Guide Track”

  1. Britney I love you and ur lil sis. Jamie and I hope that wen im older i can make a single with u because i love u and ur voice is amazing some of mi friends tease me because they think ur a skank but i tell them that they can say what they want but i dont care b coz ur mi idol and i look up to u that’s all i care about.