HTC Touch Pro reviewed- best phone they’ve ever used


Touch_pro_bottom_shot_open_2Tracy and Matt always provide some of the best reviews of phones you’ll find and their recently published review of the HTC Touch Pro is no exception.  They have looked at the Touch Pro from every angle and provided insights and photos of same.  The Touch Pro definitely looks like a great phone and the QWERTY keyboard really extends the usefulness of that big touch screen.  Check out the complete review to see what they really think of the HTC Touch pro.  Here’s a pretty good indication:

Can the HTC Touch Pro liveup to the hype? I think it can, it is by far the best phone I havetested; I think it is a great size, not too big or too small. It hasall the functionality and speed that I need day to day.



HTC touch pro is the best phone i have ever used.It can do just about anything the iphone can do.and the iphone doesn’t have the slide out keyboard.


Notwithstanding a few niggles, I’m actually really loving the iPhone 3G.

The internet service is generally pretty darned good here in L.A. (NY seemed a little more 3G congested), much better than any prior device I’ve owned or used, and the UI is vastly superior to anything else I’ve seen for a device of this size.

Yes, there are certainly substantial fixes/improvements that need to be added – they need to support MMS, cut and paste, etc., but overall, this is still a huge improvement in mobile web access. That, and using it for a PVP at the same time make this compelling. Downloading Season 2 of Dexter to watch at home right now using the big pipe at the office…


Cannot wait for this phone to be release. I’ll definitely buy this phone and hoping HTC can offer a reasonable price. I recently read a comment posted in a forum, the user said the battery cannot last more than 1 day for normal use. It makes me hesitated.

Gavin Miller

@Gadget4me. I’ve got a 3G iPhone and yep, there are a few probs, but there is still an awful lot good about it. I still prefer the flexibility of a Windows Mobile device and like many people wish I could merge the best features from my N95, iPhone and HTC Advantage into one uber device!

Gavin Miller

Lol, just got used to it on my Nokia GT2L – Near DVD recording quality on a phone is a pretty nice and I’ve got lots of spur of the moment video clips (family events, pets, concerts etc.)!


After reading about how horrible
the iphone. Why would someone still suggestion the iphone. HTC Pro is great, but the price is what will keep me from buying it.


After the disaster with the Kaiser/Tytn II/Tilt.
No thank you – NO HTC devices anymore.

BTW: the Kaiser was also proclaimed to be THE best phone. And it was a brick of trash.
No drivers HTC???? I wonder how they will criple the device this time around?



What the heck are you doing with your phone that requires 30fps video!? :P


This is definitely my next phone. iPhone for the fail, Qwerty for the win… along with copy/paste, apps that let me get my work done (I mean seriously, who needs a beer drinking simulation on their phone?), and more memory than I can shake a stick at. The iPhone has a nice screen, I’ll give it that, but I’ll take VGA resolution over .4″ of screen size any day.

I don’t like HTC’s refusal to use a 3mm headphone jack but then again, I have said before that I don’t use my phone as an MP3 player.

I have a Mogul now and fit it in my pockets without issue, so I don’t get how people come off thinking anorexic phones are “cool”. Most of the slim phones I’ve seen look like they’ve been through Hell and back and work like it too.

Mike Cane

Yawn. Sorry. But give it a month or so and they’ll probably say the same damn thing about the Xperia.

Other than iPhone, all the rest are Nothing But The Same.


With a larger screen (maybe smaller buttons to accommodate it) and a 3.5mm headphone jack I would have considered this. I really like the look of the Touch Flow 3D interface but I think I’ll wait and see what the Xperia X1 is like when it’s released.

@Bob: I’m surprised to see anyone recommending the iPhone at the moment.

bob cobb

Its still a brick, and those slider WM phones are a pain to use with one hand. I had one for two years and dont miss it at all. Iphone ftw

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