Why T-Mobile 3G in Houston= FAIL

Tmobile_logoI test a lot of different phones so I have accounts with Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile.  I use the T-Mobile account so seldom that this morning I couldn’t find the SIM card.  There’s no telling how long it’s been missing or perhaps it’s stuck in a phone here somewhere.  I headed to the local T-Mobile store to get a replacement SIM and had this conversation with the store manager:

JK: I heard that T-Mobile 3G rolled out in Houston the past week.  Is that true?
T-Mob: I heard that too.
JK: So is this local area here covered?
T-Mob:  I don’t really know anything about the 3G yet.
JK:  (shaking head)

T-Mobile should be shouting the 3G roll out from the mountaintops, if there were any mountains around here.  This is another example of why they are failing in the 3G world.

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