SpiderOak: Another Take on Online Backups

ScreenshotThe online backup and storage market gets ever more crowded, but SpiderOak has some features that make it stand out. It’s not the cheapest alternative around, but considering what you get, it may well be worth paying for. They use their own storage algorithm that aggressively deduplicates data, allowing them to save everything you upload, including all versions. They provide nice clients for Mac, Linux, and Windows. And they’re cryptographically secure from the moment your data leaves your computer – unless you hand over your password, even the folks who work at SpiderOak can’t see your data.

This security is under your control – you can also take portions of your backed-up data and make them shareable. So, for example, you could have a folder of photos on your computer that was backed up on a continuous basis, and any time you add a new photo, it’s instantly shared with all of your friends and family (or at least the ones you’ve opened the share to). Your first 2GB of SpiderOak storage is free; after that, you can buy storage in 100GB increments for $10 per month. You can use the client from as many devices as you like for that price.