Flickup sends full-sized pics, geo data from iPhone to Flickr

FlickupiphoneSince James recently mentioned AirMe for iPhone photo uploads to Flickr, now’s a good time to point out Flickup, an iPhone app that Josh Bancroft recently put through the paces. I see two huge advantages of these free app over similar ones: it sends the full 2-megapixel images up to Flickr and it can work with geographic data. Most other solutions including iPhone e-mail send pics at a reduced VGA size, or 640 x 480. Flickup can also send your pics to Twitterific directly, which is handy.

It’s still semi-limited with regards to geotag data though; instead of preserving and sending location information from where the photo was taken, it currently uses your upload location. Obviously, if you snap a pic and upload it right away (or simply sit still for hours on end), that bit won’t matter. Hopefully that issue can be addressed in a future update, but according to the developer it’s due to the Apple iPhone APIs, so we’ll need to see if Apple handles it or not. Flickup is available in the iTunes store for $1.99… well worth the price if you want full-sized images sent from your iPhone to Flickr.


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