Acer Aspire One now $50 cheaper


Acer is paying attention when we say that $300 is the "impulse buy" sweet spot for netbooks and have announced an across-the-board $50 price cut on the Aspire One.  Check out Kevin’s coverage of the Aspire One. I’ll bet he’s happy to see the price drop.  :)  The XP version will now cost you $349 while the entry level configuration is now only $329.  I guess Acer is getting ready for the rumored $299 Dell coming Real Soon Now.

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dj dj

Blue is the only one at $399….amazon ripping people off by selling the white one ofr $479!!


correction…Diablo, not Diabol (sorry about that, maybe the keyboard is too small after all, lol).


Stopped into Best Buy last night for another purpose, but saw the Acer Aspire One on display (to my surprise). Someone had accidentally put them on the floor a couple days early, but they sold it to me for the updated $349 pricing (and I had a $5 off Reward Zone coupon in my pocket) so final sale price was $344. Using it now.


Acer must be reimbursing retailers or they sold it to them so cheap they are willing to take less profit on the sale, because MicroCenter is the 1st retailer i’ve seen reflecting the new price.

they are still not stocking the new model 160HDD/6-cell.


everybody needs to keep something in mind, when the retailers originally purchased the 1st crop it was at a higher price. they wont drop the price of their 1st crop until the next shipment arrives that they purchase at a reduced price.

unless Acer is willing to offer some kind of reimbursement incentive to all the retailers.

Andrew Lam

None of the online stores have it at this updated price (-$50), and very few have the Windows XP model (and none have the 6 cell battery). has the Windows XP 3 cell model listed but out of stock. Amazon has it in stock but for $451. If anybody finds the Windows XP 6 cell model online for $399 please tell us. I’d love to know.


even MORE important is the announcement of the new $399 model, HDD upgraded to 160gb & a 6-cell battery!!

the new highend model is the same price as the old regular model plus you dont have to buy the 6-cell battery separately anymore for $120.

now the problem is just where the hell to find it!


i JUST finally was able to secure a wind, and have already hack’d it. Though, the price for the Aspire One, and the promising progress made on hacking the Aspire One makes it definitely worth picking up. Though, I’m loving the wind :)

Mike Cane

Oh man. Now I’ll have to check the status of OS X running on this thing. Still, I have not yet seen nor fondle-ized the MSI Wind! (Damn, has ANYONE seen it in a store in America ANYWHERE?!)

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