8 Responses to “iPhone’s Indian Reception: Small But Enthusiastic”

  1. @Vijay Sinha. Not the kid, his parents should be shot. Kids take the values of their parents.

    Allow me to share this incident of my own family. My 7 year old niece recently did 5 push ups, clutching her years with both hands so that a dvd player ( costing around 3k) would be returned. I was visiting her house and she had been insisting on watching the animation movie I had taken for her. There was only a CD player in house, no DVD player as they are not much into movie watching. I asked my brother to rent a DVD player for a day. My niece was worried that it will cost 200 rs and when she saw that her father had sent a brand new DVD player for her which will cost rs.3000, she was petrifie. She begged me, touched my feet asking to return the dvd player because "it was too costly." (I must say I blackmailed her into doing the push ups so that i could record it on my mobile:) She did it gladly to get rid of the wretched dvd player. Her parents can easily afford a brand new car if she would want, but they are aware of ill effects on money on today's kids and try to instill value for money in their kids.

  2. [As 14 year-old high school student Rudra Khurana, standing in line with his father, said, “I can’t wait to show it off at school, it’s way better than having a PlayStation.”]

    This kid must be found and shot on sight. I'm not kidding here.