Open Thread: Web Worker Success Stories


Sometimes it’s all too easy to feel isolated as a web worker. If you’re in an office and do something great for the team, you can expect some pats on the back, or even a celebratory lunch. But if you’re working at home, you can be like that tree that falls in the forest when no one is around, uncertain as to whether anyone even noticed what you did.

Well, let’s change that. Your web working peers are here, and they’d be happy to offer encouragement and recognition for your successes. So – what have you done lately on the web working front that was great? Landed new business? Launched a site? Smoothed out a broken process? The floor is open, come out and take a bow.


mike McDerment

While it’s not all that new (I’ve been at it for 5 years now), I founded FreshBooks and run it now. It was something I built as a web worker to invoice my clients. While it started as just me working alone with an assortment of contractors, we’re over 20 people now (up from 6 last year at this time).

So…while you may beg to differ, I think that’s pretty exciting! :)


I have tried many different small businesses and share my expereinces with everyone on my site.My newest is a work at home business- building websites for small business, it has taken me some time to learn everything but well worth the time and effort.

I have a few clients and hope to grow my business over the coming year.Currently I am writing about my expereinces and hope to include this expereince on my site.

Michael Yurechko

I have been working with a close friend on a new startup idea. This startup will be a side project on top of my current job as a freelance writer.

Writing is great and is a constant income supply, but I want to diversify even more and actually own a big site or two.

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