Ididwork Shoots for Simplicity in Time/Task Tracking


We’ve covered a number of free online invoicing sites in the past, but of the ones I’ve tried that even have integrated time- and task-tracking, I’ve never been happy with the implementation. For tracking jobs I’ve done and time spent, I want something quick-in and quick-out, with some reasonable reporting features. is a new entrant that I’ve been experimenting with, and it definitely meets the “quick” test, although it could offer a few extra reporting features.

Ididwork gets you started tracking tasks as soon as you sign up. Just below a series of tabs in the application, you are asked “What did you do?” Simply enter the first task you did, and you’re started. You can choose to add time spent on your tasks by clicking a link below the “What did you do?” question.

The simplicity of the “What did you do?” approach is seen here:

Ididwork keeps a running list of tasks you’ve done and when they were completed, along with time spent if you’ve chosen to track that. So you can track billable hours, or simply track tasks alone.

The application is also designed to cater to workgroups. Through a Feed tab atop Ididwork’s home page, you can create a feed by entering co-workers’ e-mail addresses as seen here:

The feeds let co-workers and collaborators know who has done what, so they can either be used to keep an eye on things like billable hours, or they can be used to check up on which components of a shared job have been completed.

Ididwork also provides charting of tasks completed, showing simple views of tasks completed over given time frames. The application could build in a few more reporting features, though–especially graphical ones–which is where some of the larger invoicing applications usually have strengths. Overall, though, for quick-in and quick-out time and task tracking Ididwork is worth trying.

What do you use to track time and tasks?



Thanks, John but I’m looking for an application I can just purchase, download and use with no monthly fees. If you know of any, please let me know. Thanks!


We use Intervals, a hosted time tracking and task management app that works on Mac and PC and includes quantitative reports for evaluating ROI.


Do you know of any programs (easy, inexpensive, simple) for the PC like Task Time for the Mac? I just need something to turn on and off for each project so I can analyze how long I’m on each project and my ROI.

Jeanne Willson
JAW Design

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