Corsaire Publishes Security Mac OS X Leopard Whitepaper


The UK security consulting firm Corsaire has just published a new whitepaper on securing Mac OS X Leopard (you may remember them from their similar Tiger whitepaper). Written by Corsaire’s head of training – Daniel Cuthbert (whom you may remember as being in a fairly public and silly court case a few years back and may also recognize as one of the founding members of OWASP) – the 54-page guide expands upon Apple’s own Mac OS X Leopard Security and Common Criteria guides through practical “how-to’s” and also includes references to additional, third-party tools (free, open source and commercial) which can aide your efforts to harden your systems.

This is a good tool to keep in your OS X security arsenal, but I’m curious as to what other resources TAB readers are using to keep their systems secure? Let us know what you’re reading and what you think of Corsaire’s guide by dropping a note in the comments!

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