BlackBerry Bold 3G problems beginning to surface


No question when you mention 3G problems you invariably think of the iPhone 3G as that issue appears everywhere you look.  Reports are starting to appear on the web that the new BlackBerry Bold smartphone may be experiencing similar problems with 3G connectivity.  Matt Miller tells us that the reports are surfacing because the Bold has already been released in a few countries (not in the US, yet) and that while the Bold is a very nice phone with better browsing and HTML email support that Barron’s had 3G problems:

“We had a few occasional 3G signal dropping troubles at some locationsespecially on high-rises building streets & on our 34th floor (EDGEpicked up immediately but slower internet speeds),” writes Suva. Hethinks RiM have delayed introducing the Bold because they want to ironout the 3G kinks with a software patch.

Looking at the new web browser on the Bold it is described by everyone who sees it as a vast improvement over the current BlackBerry browser.  A YouTube video comparing the Bold’s browsing experience to that of the iPhone gives an interesting look at the Bold in all its surfing glory:


Rich G

I was talked into getting the new bold. When my sister is calling I can see the data arrows in the upper right corner. Thats the only indication she is calling. The phone doesn’t ring and the “missed call” icon appears after she has hung up. Pressing the green phone button will accept the call when I see the arrows and we can talk as normal. (weird) The phone functions properly for a few hours if I shut it down and pull the sim and re-insert it, but it reverts back eventually. I changed her name from “ci” (an inside joke) to “cici” and now the phone rings fine. Does anyone have a clue what this is about???!?

Chevone J.

I’m so fed up with my BB Bold. I purchased it in May 2009…didn’t need to buy a new phone, I was happy with my Curve. But I figured, it’s newer, it must be better…sure was better looking and appealing to the eyes and what it could do. Since my purchase, I’ve had 3 replacements (still under warranty). Not NEW ones, course, just REFURBISHED pieces of crap. They all do the SAME thing: shut off on a whim, home screen icons change. My biggest complaint: the ringer volume and speaker volume truly sucks! It is up to the highest level, but it sounds so very muted. Each BOLD I’ve had, started out working fine, but they soon start acting this way….EVERY ONE OF THEM! And I’m stuck. So not worth the huge price tag. I wish I kept my CURVE. Never had any problems with that one. I sure hope BB can resolve this issue that they and AT&T believe does NOT exist! UGH!


Guys – I don’t know about you, but I have a bold since January this year, and it’s the best phone I’ve ever had.
First thing I did when I got it – update the software(always do that with all new hones I get). It works flawlessly. I used to keep it on 2g, for a better battery life, but for a month or so I switched to 3g to see what happens, and I am leaving it like this.
So my advice to you – update the OS. The phone is great! I could never go back to my 8320 Curve now. Totally different league.


My bold runs everything perfectly and even my mates with the iphone 3G say they are annoyed they didnt wait for it, BUT i have one issue! i have to set the phone to 2G. when i put on 3G or 2G & 3G it goes into SOS calles only??

i cant figure out a way of fixing this

Marvin Burke

My bold keeps turning itself off by itself! It also frequently loses its email receiving capability and the only fix is to pull the battery out! Bloody annoying. Other bold owners that I know have the same problem.


Wow, and I thought that i was the only one with this problem. My bold keeps turning off by itself, and the first one that I got in March turned off by itself and never turned on again!!! so I got the replacement (still under warranty), and now this one is turning off 6 or more times a day. Usually in at least convenient time, like when I’m receiveing a phone call or when I want to make a phone call. AT&T people are telling me that they never heard about this problem with bold. Yeah right! I’m sooooo mad. so much money for piece of crap.


Had the Bold now for aroundfive days – I have to send it back and go to my old curve. These Bolds have MAJOR 3G issues and with no 3G I think my Curve with 4.5 software is better.

3G receives and cuts calls consistently but receives email perfect.

2G receives calls perfect with no mail.

2G and 3G is a disaster recipe (sometimes mail, sometimes phone calls that last longer than 10 seconds)



I have a BB Bold, and the video shown probably had an earlier, incomplete software build because my bold has 3G and Wifi speeds that are nearly identical to the iPhone 3G’s that I’ve compared them with, after clear the history and cache on both devices.


I have a BB Bold, and the video shown probably had an earlier, incomplete software build because my bold has 3G and Wifi speeds that are nearly identical to the iPhone 3G’s that I’ve compared them with, after clear the history and cache on both devices.

Gary Cutri


In Australia on Telstra’s NextG Network (HSDPA 850Mhz) we have no issues with the BlackBerry Bold. I think most people need to be aware that is you use a carrier with poor coverage it doesn’t matter what phone you use you will have connectivity issues. Also network that have poor coverage will also result in reduced device battery life as it is constantly trying to boost its signal. So please stop blaming the devices and start putting the pressure on your carrier to improve their coverage.




Cody B… do you have any idea what you are talking about? All web browsers are “HTML Browsers”. Web pages are HTML. Web browsers browse web pages… see the connection here? :)

Zubin Wadia

The scoop is that ALL E71/BB Bold/ i3G are affected with 3G issues. This sort of points to the infrastructure being flaky because the 3G radios on these sets are different. Too much of a coincidence.

More details here:

Aaron J. Walker

Yeah, there’s already a far bit of controversy swirling about this head to head browser speed.

Some BlackBerry users are calling out and out fraud saying this is an Apple fanboy site hoax because the Bold is not connected to WiFi as reported at the start of the clip but actually only on Edge.

Doesn’t matter to me, nothing would make me get an iPhone as compared to other offerings.

Cody B

The thought the Bold used an HTML browser. HTML broswer would drive a nail the iPhones coffin where I work. Looks like the dual support model, yay :(


The BOLD was never connected to a WiFi spot, the WiFi was only turned on. The 3G icon is seen since the video starts showing that 3G is active and was the mode of connectivity.

Also we don’t know which software version was used on the BOLD, it could of been an old release that RIM could have fixed or not. You just gotta think about all the other possibilities.

Overall the video is an inaccurate correlation.

the bold seems to be chugging on the scripts.

not really uncommon, as i have seen script heavy pages make even desktop browsers choke…


Ack, was that supposed to showcase the Bold? Apple has absolutely nothing to fear I guess :)

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