BlackBerry Bold 3G problems beginning to surface

No question when you mention 3G problems you invariably think of the iPhone 3G as that issue appears everywhere you look.  Reports are starting to appear on the web that the new BlackBerry Bold smartphone may be experiencing similar problems with 3G connectivity.  Matt Miller tells us that the reports are surfacing because the Bold has already been released in a few countries (not in the US, yet) and that while the Bold is a very nice phone with better browsing and HTML email support that Barron’s had 3G problems:

“We had a few occasional 3G signal dropping troubles at some locationsespecially on high-rises building streets & on our 34th floor (EDGEpicked up immediately but slower internet speeds),” writes Suva. Hethinks RiM have delayed introducing the Bold because they want to ironout the 3G kinks with a software patch.

Looking at the new web browser on the Bold it is described by everyone who sees it as a vast improvement over the current BlackBerry browser.  A YouTube video comparing the Bold’s browsing experience to that of the iPhone gives an interesting look at the Bold in all its surfing glory:


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