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Social Net College Tonight Acquires Gridiron Bash For Footall Themed Parties

College Tonight, the low-tier, OTCBB-traded social net, is acquiring Gridiron Bash, which is described as: “a series of colossal celebrations tied to spring football games at top tier Division 1 campuses across the country.” Sounds fun. So how does it fit with the a social networking site? College Tonight is mainly designed to facilitate real-world meetups and events (for college students), so it actually fits. Plus, the plan is to use Gridiron Bash to expose the site to more college students. It sounds ambitious: “The exposure of our brand at Tier 1 schools will likely result in significant viral growth.” There’s a forward-looking statement for you. Terms of the deal were not disclosed. College Tonight raised $1.6 million as part of its reverse merger to go public last year. Release.