No iPhone Price War In India; No Visual Voicemail Or iTunes For Singapore iPhone Buyers


For two brief days, Indian iPhone fans held out hope that they might be able to get the gadget for less than the $715 price tag that Vodafone (NYSE: VOD) India put on the 8 gigabyte model, and $830 for the 16 gigabyte one. But there will be no price war, as Bharti Airtel, the other Indian carrier to sell the iPhone, released its prices today, matching Vodafone




Lot and lot of people are cursing themselves not to having that of much amount and missing their desire to have iphone. Seriously price is really high, but recently came to know that Airtel has tied up with banks to provide iphone with easy EMI option. It can be checked at:

Rajiv saini

Hi all,

After observing all of your comments, I am not denying your point. But should see other side of coin also. The other markets

which are available with the same features or similar features were/are also priced very high. Eg Nokia E 90 @ >Rs.30000/-

Nokia N 95 .Rs.25000, HTC Touch diamond @ Rs.27500/-, Samsung Omania @ Rs. 35 K plus, BlackBerry 8820 @32000.

So, as a whole if somebody who is targeting for this budget, it does not seem high when you buy a product from Apple. I have

very good image of Apple in my mind.

Hope to listen from other netizens.


Chris Chandler

During the first three years I lived in Singapore, I had voicemail, but never received a single voicemail message. People here simply prefer to leave an SMS and the majority of the population won't find the lack of Visual Voicemail to be a huge loss.

As for India, roughly 87% of mobile users in that market are on a pre-paid plan and phones are not typically bundled with a price plan as they are in the US. However, that hasn't stopped Nokia from being very successful with their similarly-price NSeries handsets in that market.

Many people in emerging markets buy handsets for status as much, if not more than, for utility.

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