iPhone Round-Up: 3G Lawsuit; Yahoo Search; Russian Availability; LinkedIn And Other New Apps


3G lawsuit: A lawsuit has been filed against Apple (NSDQ: AAPL), alleging that the iPhone 3G is defective. The plaintiff hopes the suit will become a class-action complaint, reports ArsTechnica. The story goes that Alabama resident Jessica Alena Smith filed the complaint this week, calling out the iPhone 3G’s performance issues, “despite the claims made by Apple’s aggressive marketing campaign.” The plaintiff had problems with the iPhone’s data connection, which seemed to only connected to the 3G network 25 percent of the time. She had problems with dropped calls, too.

*Yahoo* Search: A Yahoo (NSDQ: YHOO) developer writes on his blog this week that he has just finished the full Yahoo search for the iPhone’s Safari browser. It includes SearchMonkey, Search Assist, shortcuts, and other features. The post details who was involved and how it even met a developer spending his time in Paris, head-down in front of a computer. If you don’t already know, Search Assist is the nifty technology that completes your queries before you


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This is a nice article. It shows that though company do heavy marketing and make promices that their gadgets are the best, there are loop holes in the technology and how these gadgets really perform.

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