UMPC outdoor display brouhaha

Outdoor_view_allI don’t know what is more impressive, that Jenn of pocketables took all her UMPCs to the beach or the simple fact that she has so many of the blasted things.  Folks are always asking how a given device’s display fares out in sunlight so she packed all her gadgets and decided to see.  She’s got photos of them all so check it out if sunlight is a concern for you.  Oh, the list of gadgets:

  1. HTC Shift
  2. Sharp Wilcomm D4
  3. Sony Vaio UX180P
  4. Fujitsu U810
  5. Kohjinsha SC3
  6. Gigabyte M704

Jenn, there are programs to help with gadget addiction.  We’re here for you, really.


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