More UrbanMax legends from IDF

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GottaBeMobile has some additional information about that cool new concept Tablet that Intel is showing off at IDF, the UrbanMax.  There is a short video getting up close and personal with the UrbanMax that looks pretty cool.  The prototype has a touchscreen only and an optical mouse on the keyboard.  The concept is using an 11-inch screen with 1366×768 resolution and runs the Centrino 2 modules from Intel.  It’s a very capable looking notebook and I hope some OEMs take Intel’s urgings and produce some of these.


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Lord help me and my bank account if that thing comes to market. This device will cause a credit card to come flying out of my wallet as if by its own will and the purchase will be done so quickly that I will be left in a daze wondering what happened…at least that’s what I will tell my wife. ;-)

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