Laptop Mag hands on with Lenovo S10


Lenovos104When Lenovo announced the S10 netbook our expectations were pretty high given their attention to quality they show on their other notebook lines.  The S10 looks to be a capable 10-inch netbook with Lenovo’s typical attention to detail.  Laptop Magazine spent 45 minutes with the S10 at the IDF conference and have published their impressions which sound pretty favorable.  They have a video of the S10 to share too.  Their initial impressions:

The Lenovo S10 left a good taste in my mouth. I walked away from my 45minutes alone with it only wanting more time with it. The solidmanufacturing quality, along with its spacious keyboard indicate that,as a piece of hardware, the S10 is one of the best. However, it is tooearly to make a call on the S10 until we see some solid benchmarks andbattery life scores.

It sounds like a definite competitor to the MSI Wind and it’s great to hear the keyboard is a good one.



it’s an absolute mess right now

numerous specs on the websites are wrong, cant customize RAM/HDD, no confirmation of HDD type, or if the RAM is soldered/socketed, or if there is easy access to RAM/HDD, or if their is a 6 cell battery (or ever will be).

typically i would risk it but seeing all the bait & switching going on in the netbook world (i.e. MSI Wind) & upgradability issues (i.e. Acer) i will wait until some confirmation comes in. besides people ordering these online thinking they will get them 1st wont, they will be in retail/online stores at the sametime if not sooner. those who 1st started ordering were getting dates of 9/9, but people ordering now are getting dates of 10/29.

Dave Zatz

I ordered my Lenovo yesterday. There’s a 15% discount code floating around – so I’m getting a 10 incher with XP for like $395 including shipping. Will probably throw some more memory at it. Too bad it’s only a 3 cell battery. Ship date is 9/9.


is it a PATA or SATA HDD?

is there easy access to the RAM, HDD?

is the 6-cell battery available?

Kevin C. Tofel

It looks and sounds great, but I’m realizing one personal netbook preference that’s becoming a must for me personally: a full-sized and appropriately placed right Shift key. The Eee PC didn’t have it and that caused me to move the key and remap it. The Acer Aspire One does have it and I don’t think I’d be happy without it. Just a small nit-picky thing, but I’ve always felt that if you’re going to add a keyboard to a device, it should be no compromise. The Lenovo has the small right Shift key and in the “wrong” spot for me. I might be able to overlook it…

Mike Cane

Haven’t been to LM yet, but three immediate things:

1) It will probably have better in-store distribution than the Wind

2) No shortages like the Wind

3) Needs to run Mac OS X for the win!

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