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Hulu Hiring for International Expansion

Our feisty international commenters never let us forget that Hulu geo-blocks almost all its content for viewers outside the U.S in order to comply with its content holders’ demands. But the company has given indications that it’s looking abroad, including posting an international email signup, expanding availability of Joss Whedon’s Dr. Horrible after viewers complained and now, as GigaOM reports today, working to hire someone to head up international business development. Hulu has told us it’s well aware of the annoyance; the company had to figure out a workaround so employees in its China office could view their own product.

2 Responses to “Hulu Hiring for International Expansion”

  1. So here is my question… since Hulu will have a tough time changing the rights/ licensing environment in the US are they looking to bring US content to int’l markets OR take the Hulu “platform” and extend it to new countries. I’d bet they are looking to launch Hulu as a platform in other large markets and bring their content online as to not upset the rights holders in the US…