AirMe for the iPhone launches today


AirmeAirMe is a new free application for the iPhone which has launched today and uses the camera to take photos for easy uploading to Flickr or Facebook.  The AirMe application will auto-tag photos based on your settings and can easily add location, weather and time information. 

“AirMe is about sharing the moment, in the moment” said Apoorva Ruparel, a founder member and VP Strategy & Marketing at AirMe. He further added, “. Every day we experience something new, unique and memorable. There are many special moments in everyone’s lives and they just pass-by. AirMe is about sharing memories as they happen. We are confident that mobile phone users will find this application a great way to connect with their friends, families & the planet”.

The company plans on releasing Nokia and Sony Ericsson versions of AirMe soon.  I have installed AirMe and it is an easy way to take photos with my iPhone and have them auto-uploaded to my Flickr account.  You can find AirMe in the iTunes App Store under photography or just search for it.



AirMe is probably the most useful application I have downloaded from the app store however. It geo-tags the images for Flickr and gets the weather and all that good stuff.


Yeah same here… I had it before it can even do twitters and flickr….well i think it did flickr but it wasn’t refined enough.

There was a major update a few days ago.


Huh? AirMe has been out since the 3G launch – I’ve been using it for weeks.

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