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Videos Of Bolt’s Latest Run Stay Online As Fast As The Run Itself… IOC Playing Whac-A-Mole

imageWe’re not going to ruin the results of Usain Bolt’s just-finished 200M run for you… Of course, already has the results (spoilers) on its front page, without any video — just like his amazing 100M race from this weekend. They’ve sent out alerts to everyone as well. Also, just like last time: the full clips are already showing up on France’s DailyMotion. You can find ’em by searching for Usain Bolt and then sorting by most recent. But move fast: As I write this, the IOC is playing a game of whac-a-mole. The first clips have already been taken down, but new ones are popping up in their place. (Note: the same pattern is playing out on YouTube). Of course, you can wait until tonight and watch the race in full HD splendor… but if you want to be surprised, you better not accidentally go to any news or sports sites during the day. Probably best to avoid email too.

— While the IOC does a fine job of getting videos off of mainstream sites like YouTube and DailyMotion, it faces a Sisyphean task trying to get video taken down from deeper backchannels and P2P networks. One example: The organization has appealed to the government of Sweden to get clips of the opening ceremony removed from The Pirate Bay, the infamous portal for Torrents. It says the site has not responded to requests to remove the files (we’re not surprised). Already, the government is punting, saying it’s an issue for police and prosecutors. Good luck on that.

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