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Move Networks Plans To Stream High-Definition TV To Mobile Devices With Intel’s Help

At Intel’s (NSDQ: INTC) Developer Forum in San Francisco, Move Networks announced today that it was going to adapt its high-definition media player that streams content over the Internet for mobile Internet devices (or MIDs) using Intel processors and Linux software by Moblin. Move Networks CEO John Edwards said: “The lines between the TV, the computer and mobile devices are blurring, while user demand for high-quality Internet television programming that they can view on all of these platforms is growing. Release.

Today, Move Networks helps ABC, Fox and ESPN (NYSE: DIS) deliver HDTV to computers, however, the vision is for this type of technology to be available everywhere — at the beach, in the car, or while shopping, Move said. Truthfully, this is probably where things are going, but it will be interesting to see if wireless networks, like WiMax, will have the capacity to stream this kind of bandwidth to multiple users at once. Even on the Internet, you have wireline cable operators, like Comcast (NSDQ: CMCSA), complaining about their heaviest users and are electing to slow them down.